Yuyosoft Innovations Inc.


Innovations Inc.

Designing and building mobile games
Producing music and media in English and Japanese

Vancouver  |  Tokyo

Who we are

Yuyosoft Innovations Inc was established as a Canadian-controlled private corporation on March 16, 2015 in British Columbia, Canada. With a staff of 10, as of 2022, we aim to deliver enjoyment, mental well being and stress reduction through enjoyable games and music.
Our office is in Vancouver, Canada, with representation in Japan by RL Japan in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.
The music business of Yuyosoft Innovations Inc. is operated under the registered name “Rufus Lin Productions”.


Mobile Games

Yuyosoft games include arcade, strategy, role-playing, puzzles and animated action games! Many of these games do not follow traditional designs, and are instead based on completely original concepts that you won’t find in other mobile games.



We pride ourselves on crafting original concepts that challenge the status quo and redefine mobile app experiences. Each of our apps is a testament to creativity and a breath of fresh air in the app landscape.



We produce and sell music recordings in the English-speaking and Japanese markets. This includes jazz, classical, electro-pop and alternative music. We also produce interactive media and movies incorporating our music.



We have developed and currently operate an online store featuring imported food, cosmetics and household products from Japan. We ship across Canada. This is especially useful for Japanese immigrants living away from big cities, with limited access to Japanese supermarkets. Yuyomart is currently in Japanese but will soon include an English section.


Yu-Yo- means “useful” in the Japanese language. Our vision is to produce mobile games, music and media that are truly useful to our customers.

For enquiries, please contact us. No sales solicitations or spam, please.