Designing and building mobile games

Producing music and media in English and Japanese


Yuyosoft Innovations Inc was established as a corporation on March 16, 2015 in British Columbia, Canada. Our office is in Vancouver, Canada. The music business of Yuyosoft Innovations Inc., described below, is operated under the registered name “Rufus Lin Productions”.

Our mission is twofold, and we therefore have two groups within our organization, working on the following:

  • Mobile games: We design, produce and sell games for mobile devices.
  • Music: We produce and sell electro pop music in the English and Japanese markets. This includes finding and developing young Japanese singers. We also produce interactive media and movies incorporating our music.

Yu-Yo- means “useful” in the Japanese language. Our vision is to produce mobile games, music and media that are truly useful to our customers.

For enquiries, please contact us here. No sales solicitations or spam, please.