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Flying Flags Ultimate

This is the best and most comprehensive among the Flying Flags games on the App Store.

This unusual arcade game concept was developed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There is a carefully designed learning process at the core of the game, but it also fun to play, and rather addictive!

By playing this game regularly, you will recognize, and retain in your memory, the national flags of almost all the countries in the world through repetition, disambiguation and a learning process based on progressive difficulty.

Of course, being an action game, good reflexes certainly help!

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Tap on the flag that matches the country name at the bottom of the screen while it is visible. Avoid UFOs, as they take away points. So does getting a flag wrong.

To move up to the next level, you have to be able to recognize correctly all ten flags at the current level. Do this quickly to receive Time Bonus points.

Between levels, there is a mini-game for more bonus points. This reinforces your knowledge of all the flags you have encountered up to that point.

The first five levels are free. Expand your Flying Flags Ultimate through an in-app purchase, to obtain 15 extra levels and additional mini-games quiz mini-games that reinforce what you have learned. This game can be played on your phone or tablet, and is lots of fun.

Try to set the high score, as you learn all 190 flags, over 20 levels! Just think: watching international sporting events on TV will never be the same again, once you know the flags of all the countries!



Rich gameplay

Free: 5 levels
In-app purchase: 15 more levels and additional mini-games
Flags: 190


Easy and fun

Just 100 seconds per level
Quiz mini games
Background music, sound effects

Flying Flags Ultimate:
screen shots

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Tips and Strategy

One trick some players use is to find your target, then trace its movement with your finger, without actually touching it until you have a clear shot. Other flags and UFOs are always swirling about, often overlapping your flag, so sometimes you have to be patient.

Flags will grow and shrink–obviously you have a much better chance of tapping on it when it is large, so again, watch and wait until you have a good opportunity.

The screen flashes, as an alarm, just before a UFO enters. They move quickly and unpredictably, so your safest strategy is to avoid tapping anywhere while they are on screen. However, the timer keeps ticking down, so this loss of time is unacceptable to players who are less risk-averse and want to keep playing. Touching a UFO results in a 30-point penalty, as opposed to the usual 10-point penalty for a wrong answer, so it’s up to you and your risk profile.

The various mini-games are a way to score bonus points. They are easy quizzes, fun to play, and go over all the flags that you have seen up to that point, so you won’t be asked to identify a flag from the more advanced levels.

You can play Flying Flags Ultimate to learn the flags of the world, or you can play it for fun, as an action arcade game. It’s completely up to you!

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Meet the top players of
Flying Flags Ultimate



Jim Green

Jim Green

FFU World Cup 2020 champion

As a former international tic-tac-toe league player, I have played in about 80 countries. Okay, so our win-loss record was something like 0-80, but so what? On the bright side, think of all the flags I got to know.

Miss Zulazov

Miss Zulazov

Producer, "Flags Reality Show"

Yes, her first name is indeed “Miss”, but to watch her play Flying Flags Ultimate, she never misses a flag. There have been reports of people fainting from excitement, watching her sprint through the mini-games.

Cam Brown

Cam Brown

Ex-global spy, or so he claims

Cam makes Flying Flags Ultimate look easy. Legend has it that he practises playing blindfolded before a tournament. He is doing his best to train his dog to recognize the flags of countries. It is not going well.

Suri Chang

Suri Chang

Founder, Flying Flags Hippie Commune

Suri believes in peace, love and flower power. However, when she participates in a Flying Flags Ultimate tournament, all that goes out the window. Cam Brown says, “She is one mean…erm…player”.

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Flying Flags Ultimate players say 

I love this game, but it also drives me nuts. Take it from a guy with a PhD in basket weaving from Harvard. This game is hard, man.

Bill Doors, PhD

I’m up to 100 flags as of today, and I’m just thrilled to have come this far. So how much longer could 90 more flags take, right? Well, I don’t know, but check back with me in a couple of years…

Jane de la Jungle, Vice-president, Eternal Optimist Society

Like all my fellow-neurosurgeons, I’m hooked on Flying Flags Ultimate. I mean, if you think about it, flags are kinda like neurons, synapses, axons, and in a weird way, the corpus callosum, don’t you think?

Matt Crania, Head Surgeon, Dept of Neurology, Chameleons General Hospital


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