Yuyosoft Innovations Inc is a subsidiary of Japanese patent translation company Kakkazan Innovations Inc., founded in 2000. We have offices in Tokyo and Vancouver.

Our mission is to produce, sell and operate software and web applications for small businesses and individuals.

Yuyosoft has developed and currently operates such web applications as Time Anemone (project and task scheduling for professional firms and small-medium businesses), Phrase Fish (English-Japanese conversational phrases) and FireballXL8 (glossary find/replace utility for professional translators).

Yuyosoft has also developed and fully deployed a sophisticated financial algorithm that is only available to selected customers, usually by invitation only. The Yuyostox product analyzes stock price movements, generating buy and sell signals, and is available on a monthly subscription basis. Please contact us for details if you are interested in this product.

Yu-Yo- means “useful” in the Japanese language. Our vision is to produce software and web applications that are truly useful to our customers.

For enquiries, please contact info (@) yuyosoft.com.
No spam, please.

a subsidiary of Kakkazan Innovations Inc